About Me

I’m only available for max. 32 hours a week. My son has a hearing disability and goes to a special class on the Thursday and Friday morning.
I want to be able to work at least 2 days from home and have Friday off.

Hi! Welcome to my portfolio.
I’m Andrea, a 30 something year old living in Beverwijk with my husband, toddler son and 4 cats.

As a designer I have a passion for creative design, illustrations, photo-editing, video editing, solving design problems and new challenges.
I can be precise in my work with an eye for detail. I’m an all-round designer able to create offline and online designs.

In my spare time I love to drive around in my Citroën 2CV, play videogames, sewing clothes for the family, weightlifting and watch series or movies.

If you have an interesting job opportunity for me and think I’m a right fit, you can email me at andrea.ebero@gmail.com